From Concept to Launch

Strategic Element offers business consulting services, primarily focused in the area of investment-based immigration. From the development of business plans that qualify for business-based immigration programs in the United States and Canada to consulting services, Strategic Element can help to get results.

Since 2010, Strategic Element has developed a reputation for high quality work and integrity in its field. Our work in the EB-5 community has come to be recognized as one of the market leaders in this space. We have the ongoing privilege of working with many of the industry's leading professionals and we have also published The EB-5 Definitive Guide to Raising Capital, a primer on raising capital through the EB-5 program.

In addition to EB-5, Strategic Element also regularly works with legal professionals in the areas of L-1, E-2 and H1-B visas in the United States as well as PNP programs in intra-company transfers in Canada.

Strategic Element can be involved in just part of your company's development process, or all the way from concept to launch.

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