EB-5 Services

The EB-5 program is a highly complex program that requires an in-depth knowledge on the part of participating team members. Your legal counsel will bring the bulk of that knowledge to your project; however, working with a partner who knows the program intimately can help you to maximize interactions with your legal team. We accomplish this by red-flagging issues that the lawyers may not yet be aware of, and by explaining in broader terms what the potential areas of concern may be, in order to help frame issues for discussion with counsel.

Strategic Element offers project development services in relation to EB-5 regional centers and direct investments. Our services include:

We do not require that you work with us for all the services we offer; we are happy to work with other providers, based on our clients’ preferences.

Experience That Counts

Since 2010, our team members have been involved in hundreds of EB-5 project applications (both regional centers and ‘direct’ EB-5) and we have seen this market grow and evolve firsthand. . In this time we have developed a reputation for excellence among many EB-5 attorneys and service providers. Working with a provider who has a deep understanding of the program’s subtleties and shifting investor sentiment is a critical strategic component for project success, both with USCIS and with investors.

Our team’s background in business ensures that we quickly grasp key concepts about your business and represent it properly in all the work products we develop for you.

Two of our team members are also lead authors of The EB-5 Definitive Guide to Raising Capital, which was co-written with several of EB-5’s leading practitioners and published as the first comprehensive guide on the program for the non-legal community.

Quality Not Quantity

Strategic Element only takes on a limited number of projects each year. Good experience is hard to find, so we ensure that our brain trust is not spread too thin and that each project we are involved in gets the attention it deserves. Our services may be a little more expensive than other providers; however, the cost difference is often made up in the near term, by reducing complications in the process, and by presenting a polished and persuasive plan that gets results.

Your business plan is your project’s showpiece: don’t compromise and don’t miss a chance to persuade immigration authorities (and immigrant investors) with a polished and professional business plan.