Phil Cohen is the founder and president of Strategic Element. Phil has a long history of developing businesses, business concepts and products, dating back to 1993. With a career that began in the manufacturing sector, and grew to include new developments in technology, Phil has progressively built up experience in the area of new business development with a focus on transforming ideas into viable business models for large public corporations, start-ups and everything in between.

Beyond the development of business concepts, models and plans, Phil has taken a hands-on role in the launch of several businesses and business initiatives. In so doing, he has faced firsthand the realities and challenges encountered by new businesses. This experience has provided him with the insight and real-life exposure necessary to develop business concepts that work.

The Strategic Element team has been hand-picked based on one thing: their love of business. A passion is not something that can be learned in school or forced with a bonus. Everyone on the Strategic Element team has been chosen because they can’t resist the lure of being involved in creating and building businesses. Our people read business books in their spare time and dream about spreadsheets; it’s just in their blood. This is how, as a team, Strategic Element has come to gain a breadth of experience that spans several industries in different shapes and forms.

Since 2010, Strategic Element has been a part of over 200 EB-5 project applications which are collectively raising over $3 billion in EB-5 capital. We have also been involved in business plan development for L-1, E-1, E-2, H-1B, International Entrepreneur and Canadian program business plans. Strategic Element is the publisher of The EB-5 Definitive Guide to Raising Capital, considered by many to be the industry’s leading primer on the subject for those seeking to raise capital using the program. Phil Cohen is also a regular speaker at industry events and is counted among the thought leaders in the EB-5 field. He also served as one of the main content contributors and a co-editor of the original The EB-5 Book for the legal profession.

Industry Involvement

Phil Cohen and Strategic Element have been deeply involved in the EB-5 industry and business immigration since 2010. The following represents a list of publications, speaking engagements and other participation at industry events in that time.

Publications and Articles:


  • Speaker, EB-5 Investors Conference, Las Vegas, January, 2018
  • Speaker, iGlobal Forum Raising EB-5 Capital for Real Estate, New York City, October, 2017
  • Speaker, EB-5 Investors Conference San Francisco, July, 2017
  • Speaker, NES Financial Innovation Summit, February, 2017
  • Attendee, EB-5 Investors EB-5 Conference, Las Vegas, January, 2017
  • Speaker, iGlobal EB-5 Seminar: Raising Foreign Capital for US Real Estate (EB-5 Component), New York City, November, 2016
  • Exhibitor, AILA EB-5 Summit, Washington, D.C., October, 2016
  • Speaker, EB-5 Investors EB-5 Conference, Las Vegas July, 2016
  • Exhibitor, AILA Annual Conference, Las Vegas, June 2016
  • IIUSA EB-5 Advocacy Conference, Washington, D.C., April, 2016
  • Speaker, What Goes Into an EB-5 Business Plan (Webinar) EB5 Diligence, February 24, 2016
  • Speaker, EB-5 Due Diligence Webinar, January, 2016
  • Speaker, iGlobal: Raising EB-5 Capital for Real Estate, New York City, January, 2016
  • Speaker, EB-5 Investors EB-5 Conference, Las Vegas January, 2016
  • Speaker, Pincus Professional Education EB-5 Seminar. Los Angeles, October, 2015
  • Exhibitor: IIUSA Market Exchange, Dallas, October, 2015
  • Speaker, Klasko Law EB-5 Seminar, Philadelphia. September, 2015
  • Speaker, EB-5 Investors EB-5 Conference, Los Angeles, August, 2015
  • Speaker, MK Capital Management EB-5 Symposium, Atlantic City, November, 2014
  • Exhibitor, AILA Annual Conference, Boston, June 2014
  • Attendee: Invest in America Summit, Shanghai, March, 2014
  • Speaker on EB-5, Canadian Bar Association, Immigration Section, May, 2014
  • Speaker, EB-5 Investors EB-5 Conference, Las Vegas March, 2014
  • Exhibitor, AILA Fall CLE Conference, Austin, September, 2013
  • Exhibitor, AILA Annual Conference, San Francisco, June, 2013
  • Exhibitor, Canadian Bar Association, Immigration Section, May, 2013
  • Speaker, Artisan Group, EB-5 Boot Camp, New York, April, 2013
  • Speaker National EB-5 Finance Seminar with Greenberg Traurig, Dallas, January, 2013
  • Exhibitor, IIUSA EB-5 Regional Economic Development Advocacy Conference, October, 2012
  • Speaker, Artisan Group, EB-5 Boot Camp, Chicago, August, 2012
  • Exhibitor AILA Annual Conference, Nashville, June, 2012
  • Exhibitor, AILA South Florida and Mexico City District Chapter EB-5 Conference, Miami, May, 2012
  • Speaker, Artisan Group, EB-5 Boot Camp, Miami, May, 2012
  • Exhibitor AILA EB-5 CLE, San Antonio, October, 2011
  • Exhibitor, AILA Annual Conference San Diego, June, 2011
  • Exhibitor, AILA EB-5 CLE Event, Las Vegas, March, 2011
  • Exhibitor, AILA Ohio Chapter Conference, Columbus, November, 2010
  • Exhibitor, AILA Fall CLE Conference, San Antonio, September, 2010

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