The EB-5 landscape has changed in many ways over the past several years; one key element that has come to play a greater role, both in relation to USCIS approvals and to investors’ evaluation of a project, is the development of a proper feasibility study by an authority in the space. While there are several providers of feasibility studies for hotel and hospitality projects, consistently reliable and experienced feasibility study providers for other industries are considerably harder to find. Our EB-5 feasibility study team is comprised of individuals who have completed over a thousand feasibility studies across all 50 states and who have over 10 years of experience in the field in addition to hands-on business leadership experience.

With an experienced feasibility study in hand from a provider who has history with USCIS, our clients and their investors can put forward the strongest-possible projects, which will stand out in an increasingly crowded market. Ultimately, demonstrating feasibility is a key piece to meeting the credibility requirement for a given business and to minimizing the likelihood of RFEs (Requests for Evidence) from USCIS while maximizing investor interest and confidence.

A good feasibility study should include:

  • An overview of the project
  • A profile of the market including driving factors, trends and metrics
  • A strong competitive profile and mitigating competitive factors of the subject business
  • An overview of the opportunities and threats facing the business
  • Validation of the pro forma and underlying assumptions including a demand analysis
  • Validation of direct jobs needed
  • An overall assessment of financial feasibility

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