Providing Targeted Business Planning Services

A professionally produced business plan significantly increases the odds of success.

Whether for immigration, raising funds or general planning purposes, a business plan must address both obvious and subtle requirements to succeed in its purpose. Working with experts trusted by lawyers across North America puts you at an advantage.

The Common Denominator

The business plan uses above have two things in common:


The need for credibility:

The ‘art of being convincing’ is what we are all about: we work with our clients to develop plans that answer challenging questions before they’re asked.


The need to get it right the first time:

A strong first impression is critical. A professionally developed plan increases success rates, no matter what your objective is.

Strategic Element

A Market Leader

Since 2010 we have helped hundreds of clients to find their success.

Whether in the United States or Canada, Strategic Element has become a commonly-referred service provider for many lawyers and other immigration professionals. We focus on quality and we leave the ‘fast and cheap’ segment of the market to others.

Maybe that’s why we have been regularly selected as award-winning market leaders, and regularly invited to speak at conferences and write articles on our areas of focus over the years. We even prepared a continuing education course for lawyers on how to read and analyze business plans.