Our feasibility study team is comprised of individuals who have completed over 1,000 feasibility studies across the United States and Canada, and who have over 10 years of experience in the field in addition to hands-on business leadership experience.

Investors, lenders and business owners today are increasingly demanding that business projections be validated and theoretically tested by independent third parties in order to be confident about prospects for success.

A good feasibility study should include:

  • An overview of the business or project
  • A profile of the market including driving factors, trends and metrics and how these metrics tie into a specific business
  • A strong competitive profile and mitigating competitive factors
  • An overview of the opportunities and threats facing the business
  • Optional pro forma income statement development
  • Validation of the pro forma and underlying assumptions including a demand analysis
  • An overall assessment of financial feasibility

With a feasibility study in hand from a provider who has history with immigration authorities, our clients and their investors can put forward independently-supported projects, which will stand out both among adjudicators and immigrant investors where appropriate.

Ultimately, demonstrating feasibility is a key piece to meeting the credibility requirement for a given business and to minimizing the likelihood of challenges from immigration authorities, while maximizing investor interest and confidence.

Consistently reliable and experienced feasibility study providers for many industries can sometimes be difficult to find.

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