Regional Economics

Regional economics addresses local and global economic impacts resulting from various inputs, such as investment or other activity. More specifically, regional economists commonly study geographically specific impacts on parts of an economy, such as job creation and the flow of money.

Whether conducting studies for government or business uses (including the EB-5 program), Strategic Element can help.

The Importance of Economic Impact Reports to EB-5 Job Creation Claims

The economic impact report is a critical piece of an EB-5 regional center’s project submission, where indirect job creation will be used in whole or in part to satisfy job creation requirements. This report calculates indirect job creation based on validated inputs for the project.

USCIS will review and determine the acceptability of the report as it pertains to job creation to ensure that all claims appropriately follow economic methodology and processes, as well as valid economic reasoning based on the financial, project and geographic information provided.


Our economist services include:

  • Economic Impact Report Development
  • Preliminary Job Calculations
  • Free assessment of Target Employment Area (TEA)

Our Team

Strategic Element’s team includes economists who have been chosen with quality and experience in mind in order to offer our clients a complete service under one roof. Working with economists who are experienced with the nuances of EB-5 is critically important in order to get the job done properly. We have worked with many economists since launching our EB-5 services in 2010; this has given us a unique insight into this intricate practice as well as the opportunity to see many different approaches. Ultimately, this served as the basis for the formation of our own team when we launched our in-house economic impact report practice.

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