Whether you are trying to get a bank loan, win over a partner or looking for venture capital, your business plan needs to be strong and convincing. Most likely, in any of these situations, you are pitching your business to people who hear pitches every day.

One of the most common mistakes we see is business people letting their enthusiasm serve as the basis for their business plan. That is not to say that we discourage enthusiasm: it is a key ingredient in winning anybody over. Your passion and belief in your success are critical. Where it becomes an issue is in situations where your financial projections are wildly enthusiastic with no basis.

Work with a team who can help you assess what is reasonable given your budget and other key factors, so that you can be persuasive. Let our team help you assess how to turn your vision into a believable and extraordinary business plan, based on market research, feasibility analysis, demand analysis and many other important factors.

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