If your Canada Study Permit application is refused specifically because of your study plan we will fix it for you, subject to our guarantee terms and conditions.

Guarantee Terms & Conditions Summary

The guarantee will apply, as long as:

  • The study permit application was refused because of a deficient study plan.
  • A qualified lawyer or consultant was employed to prepare your application and review the study plan.
  • You provide a copy of the official government letter explaining the refusal of your application.
  • No changes were made to the plan we provided (we will ask for a copy of your full application, excluding personal or sensitive information).
  • You accept and incorporate all advice provided by us and your lawyer or consultant.
  • Any study plan update will only apply to the same school and program (or course).
  • You notify us of your permit refusal within 3 months of our initial agreement.


We are not lawyers or immigration consultants and we strongly suggest that you work with an immigration professional.

We cannot guarantee a successful application as there are many other factors that are assessed for Canada Study Permit applications. If your application is refused because of a problem with the study plan, we will fix it at no charge, as explained above under ‘Guarantee Terms & Conditions Summary’.

The contents of each study plan and any research that will be undertaken by our company in each case may vary. The document is limited to one page and we will write it based on what we believe will make the strongest study plan. We will also include all advice and comments from your lawyer or consultant.

All offers and information provided on this web page are subject to the terms and conditions of our agreement with you when you place your order. In the event of a conflict between this web page and the official terms and conditions, the official terms and conditions will be deemed to be correct.